Elmwood 5th Grade

Congratulations to our 5th Grade Quiz Bowl Team Members

Practices on Monday's and Wednesday's 
2:50 - 3:30 in the MS media center

Mrs. Chapman - Math

March 30th ~ April 3rd

        This week we will continue working in our Volume Unit. Students will have a QUIZ on Friday!

     Also, continue practicing facts on Xtra Math at least 3 times per week for a weekly 15 point grade. 

    Please check your Math Google Classroom daily for videos and assignments to complete. Email me any questions you have about our lessons. 

Students should complete Xtra Math at least 3 times per week until 

they are in the 100% Club. Ask your child to show you their progress 

on the parent tab. Is your child in  the 100% Club?         

Home School: 

Xtra Math (at least 3x)

~ Volume Unit Activities 

~ Volume QUIZ Friday




100% Club

X Facts ~ 42 Students

/ Facts ~ 46 Students

X&/ ~ 37 Students

Xtra Math

X ~ 47 Students

/ ~ 48 Students

-- ~ 43 Students

+ ~ 28 Students

Games to Practice Facts

Place Value & Powers of 10 Games

Long Multiplication & Division Games

Decimal Games

Algebra Games

Fraction Games

Volume Games

Geometry Games

Factor Captor Games

Ohio Math AIR Test Practice