Elmwood 5th Grade

Congratulations to our 5th Grade Quiz Bowl Team Members

Practices on Monday's and Wednesday's 
2:50 - 3:30 in the MS media center

Mrs. Chapman - Math

May 18th ~ 22nd

This is your last week to complete any missing work in math so check progress book. 

Please return the following 3 items when you come to school this week:  Baggie of shapes, Shape Template & 12 Colored Cubes    

Thanks for a great year 5th Graders! 

We will definitely remember the Year of 

COVID~19 and Online School!


100% Club

X Facts ~ 42 Students

/ Facts ~ 46 Students

X&/ ~ 37 Students

Xtra Math

X ~ 47 Students

 / ~ 48 Students

-- ~ 43 Students

 + ~ 43 Students

Games to Practice Facts

Place Value & Powers of 10 Games

Long Multiplication & Division Games

Decimal Games

Algebra Games

Fraction Games

Volume Games

Geometry Games

Factor Captor Games

Ohio Math AIR Test Practice